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  1. Ikel għat-Tarbija

  2. L-Iżvilupp tal-Lingwa fit-Tfal mit-Twelid sa 5 Snin

  3. Kif Tnaqqas ir-Riskju ta' Cot Death

  4. L-Iskarlatina

  5. Familja B'Sahhitha

  6. It-Tilqima ta l-Influwenza fit-Tfal

  7. Il-Meningite fit-Tfal


  1. How to Reduce the Risk of Cot Death

  2. Meningitis in Children

  3. Taking your Child's Temperature

  4. Coeliac Disease in Children

  5. Infant feeding and Allergies

  6. Breastfeeding Clinic

  7. Breastfeeding FAQ's

  8. Acquired Heart Disease in Childhood

  9. Urinary Tract Infections in Childhood

  10. Child Safety

  11. MMR Vaccine: The Facts All Parents Should Know

  12. Should I Vaccinate My Child for Flu?

  13. Antibiotic Prescribing in Paediatric Practice


  1. Resolution On The Embryo Protection (Amendment) Bill (2018) [Download]

  2. Safeguarding Human Rights In The Amendments To The Embryo Protection Act. Press Release. (2018) [Download]

  3. Il-Ħarsien Tad-Drittijiet Umani Fl-Emendi Għall-Att Dwar Il-Protezzjoni Tal-Embrijuni. Stqarrija għall-Istampa (2018) [Download]

  4. Sick Leave meta t-Tfal Jimirdu. Stqarrija għall-Istampa [Download]

  5. Child Protection. Press release (2015) [Download]

  6. Feedback on Gender Identity Bill (2015) [Download]

  7. The Adoption of Children. Press Release (2014) [Download]

  8. MMR and Autism. Press Release (2013) [Download]

  9. Il-Ligi ghall-Protezzjoni tal-Embrijun. Press Release (2012) [Download]

  10. Embryo Protection Bill. Press Release (2012) [Download]

  11. Resolution on the Bill Regulating IVF (2012) [Download]

  12. Risks of IVF to Infants (2012) [Download]

  13. Working Group Report: Introducing the heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in the routine immunisation schedule of infants in the Maltese islands [Download] (2008)

  14. Resolution on Assisted Reproductive Techniques (2005) [Download]


  1. WHO Growth Charts - in pdf format (for printing)

  2. Breast Feeding

  3. Healthy Lifestyle

  4. Cot Death

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  1. Paediatric Training Logbook

  2. The Specialist Training Programme



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